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Caper Stacking Chair

: Jeff Weber

Compact and comfortable, agile and affordable, Caper Chairs move around easily and brighten up any room with color and flair. They are ideal for informal, flexible spaces where rearranging is encouraged at home or around the office. And now Caper sports a new palette of vibrant hues and subtle neutrals.

Made in China

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Colorful Stacked Caper Chairs

The Perfect Portable Chair

Caper Chairs do so much, and are nice to have around, precisely because designer Jeff Weber kept the needs of the average person in clear view throughout the design process. For those wanting a lightweight chair, he made Caper compact; its armless version weighs just 9.5 pounds.

He added portability; the chair even has a handle. For versatility, he made Caper stack, so it can be part of the action or out of the way, depending on what you need.

Jeff Weber

"Achieves its high level of performance and comfort
by using standard materials in novel ways."

Jeff Weber View Design Story
  • Side View Black Caper Chair

    Movable and Flexible

    Anyone, even the kids, can move these chairs around easily. Caper chairs weigh about half as much as competitive models: The chair without arms weighs only 9½ pounds; the chair with arms, 11½. When stacked, Capers take up less floor space than folding chairs.

  • Multiple Caper Chairs

    Choose a Seat

    Choose the molded seat, contoured and flexible and perforated with small holes to help keep you cool. Or select seats made with FLEXNET, a strong, breathable suspension material. Both seating options are available with or without arms.

  • Caper Chair Casters or Glides

    Casters or Glides

    Choose casters or standard glides for carpets. Stacking chairs can also be equipped with an innovative Floor Saver Glide insert to protect hard finishes—ideal for vinyl composition tiles (VCT); the glide pushes dirt out of the way instead of running it over and grinding it into the tile.

  • Colorful Caper Chair Backs

    Fresh Style

    Caper is available in an array of versatile colors, from sophisticated neutrals to vibrant primaries. The light, clean design of the chairs fits in without dominating the look or feel of your space.

  • Caper Chair is up to 100 percent recycleable


    Each Caper chair is up to 100 percent recyclable. And made of up to 25 percent recycled material. Because Caper chairs weigh about half as much as competitive models, fewer materials and less energy are required for their manufacture

Blue and Yellow Caper Chairs

"Good design doesn't
have to be expensive."

Breaking Cliche’s

Good design doesn't have to be expensive. The lively Caper chair was designed by Jeff Weber of Studio Weber + Associates to provide affordable seating that's also comfortable and easy to move around and store.

Weber believes that design is "the connective tissue" between people and the environment, and that the quality of that design—whether of a building or a chair—has a profound effect on quality of life. The Caper chair, he says, achieves its high level of performance and comfort by "using standard materials in novel ways."

Caper provides all this at an affordable price. "Too much good design seems expensive," Weber says. "I wanted to break that cliche."

"Too much good design seems expensive...
I wanted to break that cliche."
– Jeff Weber

Jeff Weber Designing Caper Chair

General Dimensions

  • H:31" (no arms); 29" (armchair)
  • H:17.5" (molded); 18" (FLEXNET)
  • W:24.25"
  • D:17.25" (molded); 18.5" (FLEXNET)
Caper Chair Dimensions Graphic

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