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Envelop Desk,Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber,Envelop Desk

Envelop Desk

Envelop is a revolutionary desk that moves to promote better posture and comfort. It’s available with standard pin-height adjustment and supports a range of seated postures. Finally, an adjustable desk that helps you, your chair, and your technology work in harmony, so you can feel better and work better.
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Imagine Desk,Herman Miller,Imagine Desk

Imagine Desk

A flexible, high-quality desking system, Imagine addresses a broad range of workplace needs across the floorplate. Whether you’re looking for deeper team collaboration, a boost in creativity or increased focus, Imagine is the backbone of the settings that help people do their best work, naturally.
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Ratio Desk,Herman Miller,Ratio Height-Adjustable Desk

Ratio Height-Adjustable Desk

With its clean lines and lightweight, uncluttered design, Ratio has been designed to blend into the contemporary home office landscape.
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