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Mirra 2: A Successful Design Reinvented

Ten years after the release of the Mirra Chair, the designers of Studio 7.5 worked with us to a rethink every part of the successful design. Less material used intelligently-also known as dematerialization-makes a Mirra 2 more responsive to your body, and more responsible to the earth. At 22 percent lighter, Mirra 2 has a carbon footprint that'€™s also 25 percent smaller. By moving sustainable design forward, we a€™re building on its legacy as the first office chair developed from the ground up using design for the environment principles.


Mirra 2 and Studio 7.5

Mirra 2,Studio 7.5,Mirra 2 Task Chair

Mirra 2 Task Chair

Mirra 2 moves with you, at one with your body. When you sit, the seat and back adapt to you instantly. With dynamic surfaces that respond to your slightest movements and simple, intuitive adjustments to fine-tune the fit, this office chair balances immediate comfort and personalized ergonomics in one sophisticated design. "Made in India" (Graphite and Grey) and "Made in US" (Turquoise and Lime)
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