Multipurpose Box

Celle offers an experience of sitting that's as unique as you are. None of the hundreds of polymer cells and connecting loops in the chair's back are alike. Each was engineered to respond and adapt to the unique contours of your back and give you a comfortable balance of flex and support. This intuitive design also lets air flow through, so you can stay cool, focused, and relaxed while you sit.

Celle is a result of Jerome Caruso's personal approach to design. As Sub-Zero's first and only designer for more than two decades, he has been responsible for the company's entire line of refrigeration units. He brought this experience to his work with Herman Miller on the Celle Chair& a design that offers customizable support to people of all shapes and sizes.

Celle Chair

Celle Chair,Jerome Caruso,Celle Task Chair

Celle Task Chair

Designer Jerome Caruso set out to develop an intelligent, durable office chair that could provide supportive comfort for everyone. His research resulted in Celle’s exclusive Cellular Suspension, a system of unique polymer cells and loops, engineered to support and respond to different areas of the body. "Made in India"
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