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Inspiring spaces full of healthy designs to help you do your best.

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Monitor supports help you stay
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Support You Can See

Embody's spine-like back keeps your
back aligned and healthy.

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Envelop Desk,Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber,Envelop Desk

Envelop Desk

Envelop is a revolutionary desk that moves to promote better posture and comfort. It’s available with standard pin-height adjustment and supports a range of seated postures. Finally, an adjustable desk that helps you, your chair, and your technology work in harmony, so you can feel better and work better. ”Made in China”
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Celle Chair,Jerome Caruso,Celle Task Chair

Celle Task Chair

Designer Jerome Caruso set out to develop an intelligent, durable office chair that could provide supportive comfort for everyone. His research resulted in Celle’s exclusive Cellular Suspension, a system of unique polymer cells and loops, engineered to support and respond to different areas of the body. "Made in India"
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Lapjack Portable Laptop Holder,Herman Miller,Lapjack Portable Laptop Holder

Lapjack Portable Laptop Holder

Lapjack is strong and light and holds your laptop at the angle you choose; slots in the base let you adjust the height of your screen so it’s at a comfortable viewing height for your eyes. Use it with a separate mouse and keyboard for a setup that’s good for your body. It also folds flat for easy traveling. ”Made in China”
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Embody,Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber,Embody Chair

Embody Chair

Form doesn't just follow function with Embody. Function is on full display. This ergonomic office chair's highly technical structures such as the spine-like Backfit, with its visible H-flexors show how it bends to encourage seated movement. Embody is purposeful design that creates harmony between your mind and body, and between your body and work. ”Made in US”
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Flo Monitor Support,Herman Miller,Flo Monitor Support

Flo Monitor Support

The Flo Monitor Arm Support lets you choose the vertical, horizontal, and tilt position you need to reduce eyestrain and encourage healthy sitting positions as you touch or view your screen. Flo moves the monitor up and away from the worksurface, freeing space for you to spread out, sketch, or write. ”Made in China”
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Ratio Desk,Herman Miller,Ratio Height-Adjustable Desk

Ratio Height-Adjustable Desk

With its clean lines and lightweight, uncluttered design, Ratio has been designed to blend into the contemporary home office landscape. ”Made in India”
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Imagine Desk,Herman Miller,Imagine Desk

Imagine Desk

A flexible, high-quality desking system, Imagine addresses a broad range of workplace needs across the floorplate. Whether you’re looking for deeper team collaboration, a boost in creativity or increased focus, Imagine is the backbone of the settings that help people do their best work, naturally. ”Made in India”
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