Multipurpose Box

A Harmonious Way of Working

Our chairs, desks, and accessories work in concert to keep you moving, so you have fewer aches and pains, and a relaxed, focused mind. These healthy solutions bring you health, harmony, and inspire you to do great things.

Office chairs like Embody are specifically designed to create harmony between you and your technology. Embody keeps you aligned and your blood and creative juices flowing. The chair back adjusts instinctively to your every move and keeps support of your lower back constant.

Pair Embody with Envelop, an agile desk that moves with you and supports a full range of seated and standing postures. The front surface slides forward and pivots down, flexing to support your arms and wrists, and the soft, resilient surface reduces pressure and eliminates awkward wrist positions.

For more tips on finding health and harmony at work, watch our Work Better video.

Health and Harmony