Multipurpose Box

The Eyes Always Win

What's technology turning you into? For many of us, the answer is the turtle. You know the position—shoulders and back hunched, eyes straining to see the screen. Flo, Flo Dual, and Rodney help you get back into alignment, no chiropractor needed, by letting you lift and adjust your monitor to a position that your eyes and back will love.

Flo and Rodney are ideal for use with one screen, while Flo Dual is the best choice for those who work with two monitors. For additional flexibility, add the Tablet Mount to Flo. It lets you place your tablet at the proper height, distance, and angle for your eyes and body.

All four options create harmony between you and your technology and frees up space on your desk. Monitor supports like Flo, Flo Dual, and Rodney lift your screen up and away from the work surface, so you have plenty of room to doodle in your sketch pad, tap your fingers, or do whatever it takes to get the creative juices flowing.

The Eyes Always Win